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Pregnancy and Prenatal 
​Chiropractic Care
What can I expect?
Pregnancy is a time of many changes (positive and negative!) for a woman’s body. In terms of the spine, this might include:

1] a shift in a woman’s centre of gravity that may result in increased stress on the upper and lower back;
2] ​relaxing of ligaments and shifting of joints that attach to the sacrum and pelvis in preparation for birthing; and,
3] increased stress associated with posture and weight gain due to the baby’s increasing size and positioning.

What are the benefits of Chiropractic?
Chiropractic can be an important part of prenatal care. Maintaining optimal health, structure, and alignment of the spine and pelvis during pregnancy can:

1] reduce the stress on the upper and lower back, including the pelvis;
2] contribute to optimal positioning of the baby for a natural birthing process; and,
3] allow for optimal nervous system functioning and better communication between the brain and the uterus, thus supporting more efficient contractions and decreased levels of back labour during birthing.

​What should I ask about?

Ask your chiropractor about The Webster Technique - a chiropractic assessment and treatment of the sacrum and pelvis that eliminates in-uterine constraint, resulting in better positioning of the baby for a smoother, natural birthing process.